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She’s so fun to draw <3
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messy remake of this bc i liked it at the time i drew it but not anymore lol
also highly influenced by amelia’s style. go check her blog, she’s awesome uwu
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so much is happening, i only have time to wonder what hinata would look like with different hairstyles and sketch it
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Anbu Hinata. She’s pretty cute i guess.
Playing around with the gradient tool in this one. Similar pose to my previous pic… I’m not very creative let’s just say. O and yes her gloves are not an original idea of mine.
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the rock lee show has some of the BEST CANON OUTFITS EVER like NEJI IN DREADLOCKS OH MY GOD
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Artist: Lenka
Track: "Nothing Here but Love"
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                         日向ネジ for Cindy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEJI!!!  [03.07.2014]